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January 4, 2011

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I was cutting an axle and the springs off of an old trailer today for one of my Reverse Flow trailer builds and remembered a story I had read recently. The story was about a tragic set of events that had unfolded while a guy was working on a similar project. I don’t remember the specific story, but the guy was welding on a tire rim while the tire had pressure in it. The tire and the rim had heated up and the air pressure increased. The tire exploded and the guy was seriously injured. An accident like this can be critical! Never heat any container that is pressurized! It could kill you!

When I cut this tank open i made sure to take out the valves and leave it open to atmosphere.

A container that has been heated up while pressurized may not explode immediately. It may take a while before the pressurized air or gasses absorb enough heat to reach high enough pressure to cause such an event. Always vent all pressure out of the container and leave it open to atmosphere. Never apply heat to a closed container! One other thing, always ensure flammable vapors and fluids have been properly evacuated and purged before attempting to heat or weld the container! Follow and adhere to proper safety instructions. If you don’t know, do your research first! BE SAFE!!

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