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Reverse Flow Smoker Info

December 21, 2012


Reverse Flow Smoker

Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailWant to learn more about Reverse Flow Smokers, Baffle Plates, Building a Smoker Out of a Propane Tank? Check out the Reverse Flow Smoker Section of our Smoker Builder Forums! Jam Packed with all the info you could possibly need to Build Your Own Smoker. Click Here to go there now! Want to learn […]

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How to Build a Fire in an Ugly Drum Smoker

July 8, 2012


Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailI Just finished this video to help you build a fire in you UDS Smoker. Check it out!

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Check out the new Videos Page!

January 8, 2011



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It’s All About the Meat.

December 16, 2010

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mmmm... Brisket, Pork Loin, Smoker Taters, and ABT's!

Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailWhen you boil it all down it’s about the meat. Different kinds of Smokers yield different results.

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