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How to Build a Fire in an Ugly Drum Smoker

July 8, 2012


Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailI Just finished this video to help you build a fire in you UDS Smoker. Check it out!

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Sign Up For Membership!

January 9, 2011


Join Our Community! Stick around for a while!

Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailI would like to invite you to be a member of our community! All you have to do is Click Here! And fill out the simple form and your set. Choose a user name and password, use the profile pic creator to make yourself a profile pic, and if you feel like it write […]

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Check out the new Videos Page!

January 8, 2011



Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailWatch the Video page for new videos to be uploaded. Start with the Welcome video! Click here to watch now!

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UDS Smoker Build Part-1

December 28, 2010


This is a UDS Smoker

Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailOne of the easiest Smokers to build is called a UDS Smoker.  UDS stands for Ugly Drum Smoker.  These smokers are great for “set it and forget it” smoking. Take a look at the “Ugly Side”! Click Here to check out the UDS Smokers page to learn more.

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Check out the Tools Page!

December 26, 2010


Nick and the Grinder "Hero Shot"

Share this!Facebook0LinkedinTwitterTumblr0StumbleUpon0Pinterest0DiggemailEvery few days or so I post a tool review of a tool I own or have used. There are Tons of great welding and fabrication tools to help you build a smoker. If you have a tool recommendation post it in the forums or in the comments box. I would love to hear […]

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