It’s All About the Meat.

December 16, 2010


When you boil it all down it’s about the meat. Different kinds of Smokers yield different results.  I own and have Built several different styles of Smokers.  My favorite style of Smoker to build is a Reverse Flow Smoker.  I have built other kinds as well such as UDS (or Ugly Drum Smokers) and Horizontal Offset to name a few.

mmmm... ABT's, Smoker Taters, Pork Loin, and Brisket!

Different kinds of Smokers  use different kinds of fuel.  Some of these include Wood Burners, Charcoal Burners, Electric, Gas, Pellet, and Wood Chip Burners.  A Reverse Flow style Smoker can burn either charcoal or wood.  Some people like to mix in some wood chips with charcoal as charcoal requires a little less attention and with the wood chips they still get some wood smoke. A UDS style Smoker uses a basket filled filled with charcoal. Mine will hold 1-1/2 bags of charcoal and on a good day will burn at 225 degrees for up to 14 hours!  Another popular build is called a Refrigerator Build. This style Smoker Build  uses an old Refrigerator which all the insulation and plastic has been removed from and is re-insulated with fiberglass and relined with plywood or metal.  These have Electronic Controls and are great for Cold Smoking.  Pellet Smokers are great “set it and forget it” smokers.  They are expensive to purchase and can be expensive to build.  These use electronic controls to control the speed of an auger which feeds pellets into a burning pot.  These are great for those all night smokes.

On this site we will be covering each of these builds over time.  There will be step by step tutorials for each style of build.  If you would like to have us design a smoker build for you, let us know by sending us an Email to

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