How To Find a Barrel For a UDS Drum Smoker

I get asked this question frequently…

Concerned PitMaster- “What kind of barrel should I use and where can I find one?”

To which I answer,
Frank- “You can find one perty much anywhere. Don’t get hung up on the whole food grade thing either because, it really doesn’t matter if it is food grade if you are going to burn it out. You could also buy a new one from us and we can ship it to you.”

If you have looked at buying a new barrel or checked our site you have likely noticed they aren’t cheap! By the time you buy a barrel and have it shipped you could be well on your way to the cost of a finished drum smoker.

I don’t want this to stop you from building your dream smoker!!

So I took a couple days and had Scott tag along and shoot a video series with me to:
– Find A Barrel,
– Burn It Out,
– Clean It Up, and
– Build A Basic Drum Smoker with it.

Yesterday we published the first video in this series to our YouTube channel!

On the next video we will show you how to burn the barrel out and remove the liner so make sure and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the bell so you get notified when it goes live!

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