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November 19, 2011


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So i have been getting a lot of questions about the Cold saw I use for cutting steel plate and steel tanks. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.
Here is a link to the saw:
Frank’s Cold Saw!

      Cold Saw FAQ
  • How well do they REALLY work? Answer: Cutting 1/4″ steel plate is like cutting 3/4″ plywood! you need to not rush the saw though. this will create abnormal blade wear.
  • How long do the blades last? Answer: A good blade will last about 150′ to about 180′ of cutting on 1/4″ plate or less if used properly. The blade that comes with the saw…. not so much :-q
  • What is the best blade to use with this saw? Answer: I personally use the blade made by Lenox that you can get from Lowe’s. I have not used any other blades yet but I’m sure there are better ones out there.
  • Does it throw metal shavings everywhere? Answer: Not really too bad. There is a guard on the side of the saw that has a built in shaving catcher. The shaving catcher does a great job but needs to be dumped out frequently.
  • What is the thickest material you have cut with it? Answer: I cut mostly 1/4″ plate with it but on occasion I have cut chunks of 3/8″ plate and some 3/4″ square stock.
  • How fast can you cut 1/4″ plate? Answer: I can usually cut as fast as I would using a Plasma cutter. Of course the slower you go the longer the blade will last.

One tip I would give you if you are considering using this saw is to start the saw away from the material and do not let the blade touch the material until it comes to full RPM’s. if the blade hits the material before it comes to full speed a tooth or 2 will chip off. Don’t get in a hurry! This saw leaves such a perfect edge it needs no clean up. You will save a lot of time just because of that! :-bd

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