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March 14, 2011


Trailer Parts

If your going to build a smoker you need a way to move it around. When you build a smoker from a propane tank it will be quite heavy. A trailer will certainly make it easier to move. There are a lot of different trailer fabrication ideas out there. My favorite is to purchase an old used trailer such as an old boat trailer or a small utility trailer and modify it. The trailer I am building for my current build is built from an old tilting utility trailer like you would use to haul a garden tractor. most trailers will be wider than you need which was the case with this one so I cut the trailer up into salvageable parts. I saved the axle and the leaf springs and cut the remaining steel up into usable parts.

Trailer Parts

I prefer to find a used trailer for my build because by the time you purchase a new axle, tires, wheels, springs, and hardware you are going to spend close to or more than $300.00! You can usually find an old used trailer for that kind of money and have some steel to start working with. Maybe even a finished trailer if you are lucky!

For my trailer build I was able to purchase 2 pieces of channel 10 feet long and reuse everything else from the other trailer to build my frame.  All I had to do was shorten the axle to the correct width and install it. I cut the axle in half at a strategic place and removed the amount necessary. When I was ready to reassemble the axle i inserted a steel dowel of the exact inside diameter as the inside diameter of the axle and drilled port holes in the axle to get a good penetrating weld to secure the 2 parts together. If you don’t have a large enough dowel handy you can use a piece of steel pipe that is larger than the outside diameter of the axle tubing.

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