2014 Scrap Sculpture Contest

February 11, 2014


2014 Scrap BBQ Sculpture Contest is here!!! If you’re a member on our forums, better get started!

You won’t want to miss this one! We are having a contest on our forums for the best BBQ Related sculpture you can build outta your scrap pile! Use anything, Build anything as long as it has a useable BBQ purpose.
So here’s the new contest…. Ya gotta build a sculpture from the scrap pile at your shop. here are some rules….


  • Must be a SCULPTURE- can look like anything BBQ related. think outside the box. make it look like something BBQ…
  • hasta be BBQ Related. (so it hasta look and feel like something BBQ lol)
  • you gotta be able to hold it in your arms without it touching the ground. ya gotta be able to carry it by yourself.
  • must be welded. or at least some of it does. We want you to try and get a pic of yourself welding on it.
  • must have pics and or video of you welding it… repetition again…
  • funnier it is, the better chance you have of winning. Keep it PG-13 tho…
  • sculpture must have a “function” that applies to its BBQ related application
  • Start your thread here whenever you’re ready. make sure and title it like this…. (Your_Name)’s 2014 Scrap Sculpture Entry

[*]contest will be open for entry until it ends at midnight March 31,2014
[*]To be officially in the contest you must post your thread here in this forum before the contest begins.

What’s the Prize????
We are gonna have a Grand Champion and a Reserve Grand Champion! So there will be 2 prizes!
The GC will get:

  • A GC Trophy Wall hanger metal plate
  • $100 Lowes Gift Card
  • SmokerBuilder T-Shirt

The RC will get:

  • An RC Trophy wall hanger metal plate
  • $50.00 Lowes Gift Card
  • SmokerBuilder T-Shirt

Good Luck!!!!! :beer: :beer:

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