Official Site Slang Database Updated 7-2-13

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Official Site Slang Database Updated 7-2-13

Post by Frank_Cox » July 2nd, 2013, 6:06 pm

  • BP= Baffle Pate
  • FB= Firebox
  • Q= BBQ
  • Qview= A progressive set of pictures and explanation of a smoking session
  • RF= Reverse Flow Smoker
  • UDS= Ugly Drum Smoker
  • CC= Cook Chamber
  • TY= Thank You
  • Pork Butts= PB's
  • MUDS= mini uds
  • 3-2-1= 3hr smoked, 2hr foiled, 1hr smoked unfoiled, for ribs
  • Flat= A part of a brisket much flatter and leaner than the POINT
  • Point= A part of a brisket that is often alot thicker and has more fat than the FLAT
  • JM2CW= Just My 2 Cents Worth
  • Block = to cut a tree into the right length pieces - i.e. "block a tree to 17" (ready for the splitter)
  • Round = 3" round by 14" to 17" long - probably bark covered.
  • Single = 3" round by 14" to 17" long - split once
  • Split = 3" by 3" by 14" to 17" long - 2 sides core and 1 side bark - split at least twice (looks like a quarter circle from the end)
  • Chunks: - pretty obvious - golf ball up to fist size chunks of hardwood - can be the whole fire or when added to fire will add some heat but also smoke
  • Chips: - also pretty obvious - like what you can buy in a bag - but now they are added more sparingly - or put in a pan over a heat source - so mostly just added for smoke but very little heat.
  • Chainsawchips: - smaller than the chips you buy and I was calling this chainsawdust but it won't self propagate it's own fire so THAT's out - I think this has to be about the smallest "chips" possible...
  • Dust: - sawdust cut from hardwood with a smaller tooth blade like a circular or table saw - this stuff WILL self propagate a fire when lit if done in the correct ventilated tray - see rancid crabtree thread under wood smokehouses...
  • Convective - heat transfer carried by air - it's mainly how we heat/cool our homes ...
  • Conductive - heat transfer through a solid - heat one end of a length of steel strap with a torch and after awhile the other end it too hot to hold ...
  • Radiant - the transfer of heat by transmission through a gas (atmosphere) - like a radio wave - independent of air movement - why we like shade ...
  • PITA= pain in the a$$
  • POS= piece of shat
  • EVOO= Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ABT = atomic buffalo turd. (stuff jalpenos with cream cheese wrapped in bacon)
  • SSDD = same shat diffrent day
  • El Gato = The cat
  • -Throat... the opening cut in the firebox to allow heat into the "cc" cook chamber.
  • -Baffle Plate... A contonuous plate, generally of material 1/4" or thicker, that is welded from the firebox end all the way to the opposite end of the cooker. This plate is sealed and acts as an indirect heat source to cook the food.
  • -Baffle plate opening... This is the amount of gap left between the end of the baffle plate and the end of the tank opposite the firebox.
  • Bastard - a term of endearment

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Re: Official Site Slang Database Updated 7-2-13

Post by The Czar » July 18th, 2013, 7:25 am

So I should print this out and memorize it? =))

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Re: Official Site Slang Database Updated 7-2-13

Post by Rodcrafter » July 18th, 2013, 8:26 am


I see the data was getting a bit sketchy toward the end. Funny though.

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Re: Official Site Slang Database Updated 7-2-13

Post by Clover Ridge Smokers » July 18th, 2013, 5:50 pm

I was glad to see CSR didn't make the list.

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