Preferred gasket?

Smoker Clones are your own version of a commercially available Smoker. Examples are Stumps, Jambo, Backwoods, or any other you want to try to copy.
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Wants to build a smoker
Wants to build a smoker
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Preferred gasket?

Post by Atama » August 27th, 2015, 9:37 pm

I know that this is a bit of an odd topic, but I wanted to get a idea from those of you hwho have built more smokers than myself (which would be anyone who has actually COMPLETED one :D ). My build is coming along (I will try to get a build thread up on it, just a standard vertical insulated smoker), and I am about to start making the doors. I will need to have the gasket so that I can weld the hinges and doors up properly, so....

What is YOUR preferred gasket and why? Could be a multitude of reasons like: cost, effectiveness, durability, ease of use, material, aesthetics, etc., and where you sourced it from. I will need about 128+/- inchses of gasket on the CC door, and about 88+/-inches on the firebox door. Thanks for the help and advice i have gotten here so far!

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Re: Preferred gasket?

Post by Puff » August 27th, 2015, 10:35 pm

Happy to give you MY opinion. I love the flat, self adhesive Nomex gasket. I've used it in 1/8" and 1/4" thickness and 1" wide. All of my doorframes are 1 inch tubing and provide an excellent flat surface with which to stick the self adhesive material to.
When it was first recommended to me, with all of the experiences I have had with self-adhesive materials, my assumption would be that with the heat and exposure to the smoke it would probably fail very quickly and lose it's stickiness .

Nothing could be farther from the truth ...this material is so well stuck to the door frame of my smokers that I am almost fearful when it comes time to remove it I will need a rather potent solvent. Additionally since no welded door will remain perfectly flat if there are any irregularities the quarter inch material with a slight compression prior to welding the door hinges on, will take out all of the irregularities through its cushioning effect. I will typically adhere the gasket material to the door itself this way the gasket on the frame of the smoker will not be subject as much to food interference.... basically smearing grease on the way in and out of the cooker against the gasket. My oldest assembly with this gasket material is now two years and three months old and has zero indication of any failure or premature wear . I would highly recommend the Nomex gasket material AGAIN...MY OPINION.

It is available through this website. ... e1f724476c

One more thing once you clean the metal and pull the protective tape off to expose the adhesive you can do a 2' x 4' door in a matter of six minutes ... Make sure you get it on as straight as you want it to be because there is no removal once it's stuck.
My RF smoker doors are fully sealed with this snow mix material and my latches cause the doors to compress against the fabric and create a tighter seal the more you pull the latch down. My gravity feed smoker uses a slam latch like a refrigerator on the door and it closes in seals immediately. The top fuel door and the bottom clean outdoor use those conventional toggle latch clamps and of course they seal very well also and provide excellent seal compression

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