masterbuilt 1050 ?

Discussion about Charcoal and Lump Charcoal for smoking meat
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masterbuilt 1050 ?

Post by jennyferraynor » August 31st, 2022, 7:31 pm

so I have the good old Webber 22 inch, love me some slow and low ribs and with the crazy life an a kids I'm looking at this masterbuilt to help my busy self out. I love lump charcoal and the reason I'm looking at the masterbuilt. any reason why I shouldn't get this one?

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Re: masterbuilt 1050 ?

Post by Barrion2018 » September 3rd, 2022, 9:31 am

With you having a "crazy life," IMO, I think going with the Masterbuilt is a good idea.

It takes time to watch and maintain a stick fed smoker, and if you don't have time to do that, then more than likely you'll not do much smoking due to not having the time needed to complete a cook like a pork butt or brisket.

I don't know anything about the Masterbuilt 1050, so I looked it up. It looks and sounds like a good grill/smoker. I like that you can use lumb charcoal instead pellets. And with having up to 8 hours of cooking time before having to add more charcoal, gives you a lot of flexibility. I say go for it.

When life slows down, and you have more time, then look into getting or building a traditional/standard flow, or reverse flow.

Good luck, and let us know if you get the Masterbuilt, send pictures.

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